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Links to My Work

“Nadezda Alexadrov, Queen of the Moon”

“I Live Among Immigrants”

“The Aquarium” Everyday Fiction

“The In-Between Girl” Revolver

“The Newlyweds” Paper Darts

“The Last Supper” Bartleby Snopes

“Nobody Moves in Winter” The Diverse Arts Project

“The Bearded Woman of Inis Mor” Feile-Festa

“The Tourist” Punchnel’s

Additionally, my work has been included in the following anthologies and journals which are available for purchase:

Lyrotica from Vagabondage Press
Available here:

The Rattlesnake Valley Sampler from Rattlesnake Valley Publishing
Available here:

Open to Interpretation: Intimate Landscape from Taylor & O’Neill
Available here:

Midwestern Gothic Issue 12
Available here: