Six Months in the Midwest

"In this ambitious debut collection, Darci Schummer inhabits the secret houses of the lost and lonely in the often-overlooked Midwest. Truthful, wise, gifted with empathy and imagination in equal measures--this is a writer to read."

     -Sheila O'Connor, author of Where No 

     Gods Came and Evidence of V

"Darci Schummer's Six Months in the Midwest is a potently observed portrait of Minneapolis, an ode to its peculiarities and its characters. Many people call the Midwest 'flyover country' but the clarity and humanity in Schummer's sixteen stories will make them want to land."

     -John Jodzio, author of If You Lived Here  

     You'd Already Be Home and Knockout

American Fiction.jpg
American Fiction Volume 17

American Fiction Volume 17 is the latest short fiction anthology from New Rivers Press. Darci's story "Three Figures of Near Silence" is included.


Here's what the finalist judge had to say about the collection: "Nary a work here suggested to me that its author found an easy home in a mold. And there were a number of stories about faith, which was heartening. Not because on wishes to thump the drum of religiosity, but because the actions that we make and the choice we select, are always matters of faith in the most important endeavors, be they ones of love, of friendship, or honest storytelling."

      -Colin Fleming, author most recently of Buried

     on the Beaches: Cape Stories for Hooked Hearts and

     Driftwood Souls